The Vancouver Institute of Osseointegration (VIOSS) was established in 2003. Our mission is to provide training in the field of implantology and periodontology.  The educational continuums offered have trained dentists, specialists, hygienists, lab technicians, denturists, and ancillary staff with a comprehensive approach to treatment planning in dentistry. In addition, a focus has been on the management of surgical to prosthetic implant and periodontal therapy. Currently, we have offered customized lectures, study clubs, and mentorship programs all across North America, Europe, and Asia. Over the past few years VIOSS has partnered with key opinion leaders in their respective specialty areas to provide a unique approach in the management and oral rehabilitation of our patients. 

For further information on the upcoming schedule and courses, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you in the near future. 

***Current Vancouver courses offered in 2016 and 2017:

1. VIOSS Hands On Implant Continuum I/II  September to May 2016  Current-Full Status

2. VIOSS Implant Continuum I/II September to May 2017  *Accepting New Members for 2016-2017

3. VIOSS Osseointegration Forum  November 2016  Vancouver BC 

4. VIOSS 2nd Annual Hawaii Surgical and Implant Forum January 3-5, 2017 


 *Please Contact Us for more information and availability   604 271-4867